How to download Youtube video's to your android phone using third party website

As you guys have already known, youtube is one of the very best if not the best place to watch videos online and also you can find whatsoever video you're looking for since verities of people are the ones that are uploading it. Now the fact that they haven't enabled the feature to download video from there site kinda sucks right? Chill at the end of this post you can easily download any YouTube video and watch offline.

Go To

 Click on the youtube hyperlink and the video will be presented to you to watch online don't on cancel if it ask you to watch it online.Now from your web browser click on the top search box at the top right corner of your browser tap and hold to copy the link.
Servers used to download YouTube videos.
There are many website that enables you to download YouTube video's free but I will recommend only two .
 Now you can either use one among the two listed sites above. Back to main issue .. Goto to one of the above mentioned site,(create a new page in your browser to make it faster).. Now paste the video link  you copied from YouTube, and hit continue chill until it load and you can see options to download either in mpg4, 3gp etc.. Select which one you want and it will start downloading...
You see its quiet easy no stress no sweat .
Follow the same tutorial to Download more movies from YouTube.

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