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Did you buy a low end phone with jellybean or kitkat version due to not having enough money? Or are you tired of the interface of your android and you saw your friends using high end mobile with lollipop and marshmallows, don't worry you're at the right place. Today I will show you how to make that your phone look like lollipop I.e changing the interface. Have in mind that it won't be exactly like lollipop but you will surely love the new look after following this steps.

Tools required for this...
A rooted android phone
Gravity box
Xposed installer

You can download the above apps at the end of this post or search it in Google.
Let's ride..
Download and Install the four named apps above, and make sure they are in internal storage not sdcard to avoid errors.Remember your android phone must be rooted. 
Open xposed installer  and click on framework, click on "install/update" it will ask for reboot, click yes.chill till your phone has rebooted then open the xposed installer again, this time click on module and tick on gravity box, xtana and xuimod.
Now go back to framework and click on soft reboot. Once your phone reboots,open the xtana app you downloaded and you will see different battery design and also navigation button (that's if you like to have a navigation button on your mobile).
Click on the arrow beside the battery icon and a drop down box will appear, now select any of the battery still you want. Also do this if you want to apply or change navigation button.
After choosing your desired design of battery and navi button, click the " big circle with a marked good icon" it will ask you to reboot your phone.
You can reboot your phone and see the changes. Now let's go to gravity box.
There are several options in the gravity box app I will be pointing out the essential ones, then you do the rest yourself.
To change notification bar color....
Open the gravity box app and click on "status tweaks" scroll down a little and click on "notification drawer style" you can drag the button to change transparency but if you want to insert background click on background mode and select "underlay" 
Then select either portrait image or set landscape image..scroll through your gallery and select your desired picture .
Changing status bar colour...
Open the gravity box app, click on status tweak, click on status bar colors, now enable status background color and reboot your phone. Once your phone has rebooted go back to the same step I mentioned above, now click on status background colour and enable any color you want (you will see changes immediately) .
You can explore the apps and see what function that installer
 Add list view animation to your android phone
What exactly do you understand by the word list animation?
List animation is the process of animating or giving life to text. Are you confuse? Don't be, let's break it down together. Have you ever flashed a ROM especially the lollipop ROMs and feel in "love" with  the feel the interface and especially that "list animation" (whereby a text flows either left right or bottom etc) and when you get bored of that lollipop ROM and wish to switch back to your stock ROM but due to that feature (list view animation) you can't let it go, today I will boldly tell you to flash back to your stock ROM if you're tired of the lollipop ROM (wish I guess you won't )
Does this list view animation comes with stock ROM?
The first day I flashed a custom ROM, I asked myself the same question. This feature is hardly I mean scarcely seen in a stock ROM. You can easily see this feature when you flash a custom ROM.
Oh I almost got lost, doing the explanation guess its getting bored right? Let's ride
Download xuimod from Google or you can download it at the end of this post. Now install the app.
Note: this app won't work without enabling the xposed installer.
Now open the xposed app and click on module, tick the xuimod app and go back to framework, do a soft reboot immediately and wait till your phone reboots.
Now open the xuimod app, the app has many features you just have to explore it and see yourself. Click on list view animation, now click on listview animation again, a pop up will appear you can select any animation you want like the
Alpha etc
Now click on list view interpolator and select either 
You're there now... Click on test list view
And  scroll to see changes.
Note: you can blacklist/stop some apps from using this feature.
To do that, click on blacklist apps click on add at the top of the app and select the app you want to stop from using this feature.
 Improving the scrolling mod of your android device
Laggy phone or low end phone can sometimes irritate you. Did you flash a custom ROM and the scrolling mod is not as fast as you want, then you can change the feature using this simple steps . 
We are going to be using the same app named xuimod.
Open your xposed installer, goto module and tick xuimod (As explained in my previous post) reboot your phone .Open the xuimod app and click on scrolling mod click on scrolling configuration now enable scroll configurationClick on scroll friction and drag backword to increase the scrolling effect. Also drag forward if you want to decrease the scrolling mod.After that click OK and Goto Test listview to see changes .
To reverse to default value go back to scroll friction and tap default value.
Thanks for reading...If you encounter any problem we are here to help.
NoteWe are not responsoble if you brick your phone by using this steps, endeavor to perform a backup before you start.
Download links
Gravity box  apk here
Xtana apk  here
Xuimod apk here
Xposed installer apk here

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