Web to PDF is an essential uc web app use to convert webpage to PDF. This app comes in great handy when you want to read something online with your data switched off. You probably would love this app since its very easy and clear to use.

Note: Web to PDF Converter by UC Browser is an add-on of UC Browser, and UC Browser must be installed to use it.

Convert webpages to PDF files and access it anytime! Web to PDF Converter helps you to convert webpages to PDF files, and you can share or view your PDF files anytime offline.

How To Use:

1. Open a webpage.
2. Click on menu
3. Click on Adds-ons
4. Click “Web to PDF” icon.
5. Confirm the file name and path.
6. Click to download.
7. Find the webpage in PDF format in download manager.
Click here to download the app from playstore.


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